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How to Replace Brake Pads

Good news! you can upgrade your brake pads by just replacing them with new ones. Below is a picture of Autozone replacement pads. As you can see the replacements have more surface area than the originals.

You can also find brake pads on Ebay

To replace the pads you need to first break the lugs loose with the car on the ground, do not remove the lug nuts yet just break them loose. Now make sure that you  the car in park, set the emergency brake, and chocked the wheels. Now jack up the car and support it on jack stands. In these pictures you will see my jack, but the car is also on jack stands. I always leave the jack slightly collapsed and under the jacking point as a secondary failsafe. Now remove the lug nuts and the wheel.

The next step is to remove the two caliper bolts. These are the 15mm bolts with the dust boots as seen in the above photo (one on top and one on bottom). Mine required a breaker bar to brake loose. After removing the caliper bolts you will need collapse the caliper slightly to pull it off. I used a screwdriver to pry against the pad. Be careful not to scratch the rotor or other brake parts.

Now that the caliper is off DO NOT LET IT HANG BY THE LINE! I always place it on top of the spindle or use a hanger wire to support it. With the caliper off the rotor will now slide off to be replaced or resurfaced. Also now is the time to clean your brakes and paint the calipers.

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