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My list of great car movies starting with the best Smokey and the Bandit

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Smokey and the Bandit

American Graffiti   Heart Like a Wheel 
Blues Brothers Hollywood Knights  
Born to Run Hooper

Hot Rods (1953) 



Cannonball Run Hot Rods From Detroit 
Cars Hot Rods From Hell
Chitti Chitti Bang Bang The Car
Christine The Driver
Corvette Summer Moonshine
Days of Thunder Thunder Road
Dazed and Confused Tucker--The Man and His Dream
Duel Two Lane Blacktop
Eat My Dust! Vanishing Point
cover Fast and the Furious White Line Fever
Fast Times at Ridgemont High White Lightning
Funny Car Summer  
Grand Theft Auto  
Gone in Sixty Seconds  
Gone in Sixty Seconds (the original)  
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Great movies that are not available:

King of the Mountain.


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