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Here is a great upgrade for your GTP, Grand Prix, Monte Carlo, Cutlass, or other W-body car.


I have a 1992 Cutlass convertible that came with the standard bench back seat. I have upgraded it with the "buckets" and center console. This is very easy to do. First find the donor seats from a junkyard or perhaps eBay.

Then remove your existing back seat bottom. There are two bolts that hold it in place. Then remove the seat backs (two more screws). Now attach the rear plastic panel with "Christmas trees". Next you will install the two seat backs. There are two tabs per seat back. One uses the same hole the other back used. The other will is the same one for your seatbelt. Be sure to torque the seatbelts properly! Now you will need to install the center console. You can either drill holes to bolt it to the floor (be careful not to drill into gas tank or brake/fuel lines). Another option is to epoxy/JB Weld it to the floor. I choose to use JB Weld and it worked very well for me. Now bolt in the seat bottoms using the same bolt holes used for the original seat.



Seat removedFinished (needs some cleaning)



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