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How to replace the Alternator on a 3800 series engine


Keep in mind that this is in regard to a 1998 L-36 engine and that things may be different when we are talking about L-67s or any other engine type. However there should be enough similarity to follow these basic instructions for a Grand Prix SE, GT, GTP, or other GM FWD 3800.
To get at the alternator assembly you will need a few tools:

1 flat head screw driver

1 socket wrench

1 9/16th socket

1 15mm socket, about medium deep

1 inch socket, about medium deep

1 breaker bar, about 12 inches long

1 short extension

1 four inch long extension

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.

2. Move the overflow bottle that is located on the passenger side fender well out of the way.

3. Move the black fuse box out of the way so you can get better access to the alternator.

4. Remove the serpentine belt. Be sure to check your belt tensioner, if it needs replacement go here

5. To begin removal of the alternator, you must first remove the black bracket that runs from the front bolt that is held on by two bolts that are one the bottom left of the front of the alternator.

7. Disconnect the rear clips from the alternator and disconnect the positive terminal from the rear of the alternator.

8. There is another bolt that needs to be removed from the lower front of the alternator. You should be able to remove the alternator now.

10. Re-attach the alternator by going backwards in your steps.

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